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    Inspire Fitness Dual Station Biceps/Triceps


    For further information please call our sales team on 01691 888050 or email us info@cycfitness.co.uk

    With the Inspire Biceps/Triceps Dual Station, you get a high-end precision multi-gym! Lead time 8-10 weeks.

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    The two independent weight blocks, free training and modern, sporty design offer a premium quality investment.

    Product Features

    Dual training with highly complex Tricep exercises

    • With the ergonomically shaped back padding, you can benefit from a highly effective triceps power workout, in which the stable stand prevents deflection of the exercise.

    Biceps workout for impressive arms

    • Thanks to the adjustable seat and the cable pull module attached below, effective biceps curls are possible on the Inspire Biceps/Triceps Dual Station, which also ensures independent training of each side of the body. Of course, the exercise can be performed sitting or standing.

    Balanced strength training with two weight stacks

    • The two separately working 2 x 50 kg weight blocks enable free strength training, with resistance evenly distributed over both arms. Balanced strength training is thus promoted, and muscular imbalances counteracted.

    Highly stable and stylish construction

    • The Inspire Biceps/Triceps Dual Station embodies a modern and elegant style in its highly stable construction. This precision multi-gym of is premium quality.


    • Frame: Heavy-duty round steel
    • Colour: Matte black, chrome
    • Finish: Electrostatic powder coat
    • Weight stacks: 2 x 115 lbs (52 kgs) (1:2 ratio for 57.5lbs total)
    • Commercial pads: Double stitched, high grade naugahyde
    • Bold placards: Simple usage instructions
    • Optional add-ons: 2 x 50lbs, 2 x 5lbs add-on weights (85lbs max)
    • Resistance ratio: 1:2
    • Muscle groups – Bicep, Tricep, back, abdominals
    • Warranty: Residential: Limited lifetime Light commercial: Limited lifetime frame, 5 years moving parts, 1 year parts
    • Dimensions (W x L H): 155 x 216cm (38 x 61 x 85 inches)
    • Weight: 206kg (455lbs)


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