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    Inspire Fitness was started in 2004, by Ted Habing. He was then joined by Jeff Laborde, Fred Hoag & his brother Chuck Habing soon afterwards. To this day, Ted is still the chief designer and with the input from all four owners, they are responsible for how our gyms look and function….

    Ted started out in the fitness industry as a designer for a company called Paramount, back in 1985. He spent three years with Paramount before deciding to venture out and start a business of his own. So, he quit Paramount and started Pacific Fitness in 1988. In the beginning, Ted literally put his prototype home gyms in a truck and drove them to speciality fitness stores in southern California. The gyms had a unique look and were biomechanically superior to the others on the market. Orders were placed and Pacific Fitness started picking up momentum. It didn’t take long for word to spread to other parts of the USA.

    In the Spring of 2004, Ted created the Inspire brand we know today. The team forged ahead in late 2004 determined to build on the Pacific Fitness legacy. Inspire is now one of the market leaders in home & light commercial fitness equipment, with several Consumer Digest best buy awards for our products.

    In 2023, CYC Fitness took over the UK & Ireland distribution of the Inspire Fitness brand and our products are sold by leading speciality fitness stores, both online and in showrooms, nationwide.



     To provide unique, high quality, movement-based products the whole family can enjoy!

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